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Face to Face Readings

Most of the readings Sherry gives are face to face. Sherry loves to guide people and she believes that there is a wonderful sense of healing that comes from having a reading this way. Readings are set in a wonderful atmosphere for healing and guidance and your session will be recorded onto a CD for your convenience. Make sure you take the opportunity to have a face to face reading. Cost $120

Phone Readings

Sherry is able to connect with your loved ones and give accurate life guidance over the phone. There is no need to ask questions unless you have answered questions from the reading but this is not usually the case. Sherry will conduct your phone reading in the same manner as a face to face reading channelling messages from your guides and loved ones then she will use any deck of cards that she may drawn to use at the time, usually using three or more card decks to receive guidance and confirmation from. Although Sherry does not need cards to read or receive guidance she believes they are a wonderful tool for her clients. Cost $100 Your readings can be recorded on to a CD and posted for an extra $10.
PHONE: 0405 990 451

Skype Readings

Skype is a wonderful way to connect if you are interstate or overseas! Sherry will conduct the Skype reading in the same manner as she does a face to face and phone reading with her prayers and invocations at the beginning of the reading taking you through a short golden light meditation. This only takes a few minutes then she is straight into your reading. Cost $100 Your readings can be recorded on to a CD and posted out for an extra $10 Skype: happymedium4