This is a seven week psychic development class designed to help you learn about and understand your own unique psychic ability. Learn each week through various methods and practices to trust your intuition and develop your psychic abilities. In this class you are taught about the six stages of perception, the seven principles of spirituality, how to understand and use psychic protection, how to read and interpret cards, meditation and much more. Inspirational challenging and fun! This is a certificate course and you will receive your certificate on week eight at our celebration dinner.

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Testimonials for Psychic Class

“I attended this class in February this year and urge everyone to attend. This class has changed the way I think, feel and go about my life for the better. I now know that I do have a gift and know how to appreciate and use it to help other people in my life for the good. I feel confident in using this now, with thanks to sherry for showing me how to trust what I feel and how to use the tools I have. Sherry you are an inspiration and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your years of knowledge and experience to help guide all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed your class you are an amazing teacher and I met fantastic people also and enjoyed their company, I got a sense of knowing that what I see hear and feel is real and how to interpreted that with the help of my angels from this class. I’ve never felt better about life as I do know from attending this class with sherry.  I’m now on the right path and I’m happy, thankyou sherry, wishing you love, light and happiness”.  

Kylie Williamson

“As a past student, I can testify that being a part of Sherry’s’ class will totally enrich your life. 
Sherry will help bring out the amazing gifts that you already have inside. With the love and light shining from Sherry, she touches a part in us that is waiting to be tapped into, bringing more joy, peace and understanding into our lives”. 

Jen Whistance

“After only two weeks into your course, I’m feeling like life is a lot better, I’m learning how to deal with matters in a much more relaxed manner, and truly learning how to better myself just by following your simple advice. My body feels like it has a new lease of life, and I’m feeling “unblocked” thank you so much Sherry”.

Renee Harnath

“Sherry I just want to thank you for this amazing opportunity you have given me to be a part of your psychic class. Firstly I must say that you are a beautiful soul, such a warm generous lady, so willing to share your knowledge and wisdom on this magical journey that we are sharing in this lifetime together. In just two short weeks of starting your course, I have completely changed my thoughts of questioning my spiritual gifts and abilities. I have always known and felt that being on a spiritual path was to be a part of my journey, but now I am living completely. I have heightened my everyday enjoyment of life, have captured the essence of true peace, and I am living in complete awareness of my spiritual being, choices and actions! I have even created a happier, more peaceful home with my family, showing them the pure joy experienced, when heart, mind and soul are aligned and functioning perfectly together as they should. I am so excited to get back to class on Monday, which I might add, is an incredible and warm gathering of enlightened souls. Love and light always”. 

Donna Woods

Face to Face Readings

Most of the readings Sherry gives are face to face. Sherry loves to guide people and she believes that there is a wonderful sense of healing that comes from having a reading this way. Readings are set in a wonderful atmosphere for healing and guidance and your session will be recorded onto a CD for your convenience. Make sure you take the opportunity to have a face to face reading. Cost $120

Skype Readings

Skype is a wonderful way to connect if you are interstate or overseas! Sherry will conduct the Skype reading in the same manner as she does a face to face and phone reading with her prayers and invocations at the beginning of the reading taking you through a short golden light meditation. This only takes a few minutes then she is straight into your reading. Cost $100 Your readings can be recorded on to a CD and posted out for an extra $10 Skype: happymedium4