“By entering my life you have enriched it on so many levels. You are my inspiration, mentor and beautiful friend. Your enthusiasm for life is to be envied. Even when I feel there is no hope, your encouragement and special caring ways enlighten my soul and put a smile on my face. You may not realise it but you are my miracle and part of my heart is yours alone forever. Love always”.

Janet Tarcic – Norlane

“The first time I met sherry I knew she could help me a lot. My reading was out of this world and I left the room much lighter. Sherry contacted many people in spirit and knew that I had lost my sister even before we started the reading. The messages coming through form my father-in-law were absolutely spot on. Thank you so much it has changed my life. God bless you, I love you”.

Heather Bowden – Whittington

“I do believe that you are an ‘Earth Angel’ who is here to help and guide all that you meet. You make everyone feel special by your loving nature and excitement for life. Your love and enthusiasm was very much evident throughout the two days. A very enlightening and enjoyable course, keep up the great work Sherry”.

Mervyn Nelis – Highton

“Having a reading with Sherry has answered a lot of my questions and feeling I had in my life. With my cousin as my guardian angel for one sending me warm and cheeky messages, letting me know he is with my Nan and the rest of my family has put a lot of closure on things for me personally. I also know now that I am on the right path for my journey in life. I can’t thank you enough Sherry”.

Kylie Williamson – Clifton Springs

“I was nervous at the start to have my first reading, but now I feel like a new person as if the old me has left and the new one is here to stay. You’re an angel Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Karen Smith – Newcomb

“I met Sherry at work about one year ago, she was always a wonderful and warm person to be around. During my reading she was able to contact my father who passed away about six months ago. She described his look, his personality and even knew his name and passed on messaged for me. It felt unreal yet it was so healing. Thank you”.

Marie – Corio

“My experience with Sherry was mind blowing. I heard many things that I wanted to hear and all my questions were answered. Her readings are full of so much inspiring information and guidance. I was very surprised and very happy. Thank you so much”.

Kira Stojecevski – Melbourne

“A beautiful reading given with love and light. Sherry provided the signposts I needed to help me along my journey. Most importantly, she gave me reassurance in relation to my children. She sent them blessings and prayers. Thank you”.

Tania Smith – St Albans Park

“Sherry is one of the most gifted mediums I have ever met and through her readings I have found a part of myself that I thought I had lost. Sherry is truly a warm wonderful person who is very giving and open to help anyone she can”.

Wayne Morris — Norlane.

“Sherry is a special person full of light with a wonderful gift to share! The vast amount of information she was passing onto me from the spiritual realms was phenomenal!! I could have sit and listened for many hours”.

Lynda Murray – Massage therapist Ocean Grove

“I found Sherry to be amazingly accurate. Her insight into my life was unnerving yet reassuring. I have met many psychics in my life and Sherry is the real McCoy. A delightful woman with a beautiful soul”.

Jhanene Carmody – Marshall

“I am so blessed that my guardian Angels have sent me to Sherry. I attended one of her seminars and it made my eyes open again just listening. Her beauty, faith, spirit and sincerity shone through as she spoke. Keep up the good work we need you”.

Anne Rayson – Newcomb

“Sherry connected directly with my spirit Guides and relatives in spirit. She gave me clear and accurate information that allowed me to know that this was so. She guided me on exactly the information I was in search of. Truly amazing”!

Lyn Robin Clifton Springs

“I found Sherry’s session with me to be very accurate as it stirred up a lot of deep emotions within me, yet I felt so surreal. Sherry has a way about her that makes you feel nurtured and safe; she is an incredible source of insight into oneself through her unique abilities. A must see”!

Jon Weymss — Muscular therapist Geelong

“Sherry exudes compassion to all people which draws them in. My mother passed away in 1965. Sherry wasn’t even born then!! She was able to connect with her presence and share the most valuable information with me which was clear, accurate profound and loving. There was so much information given to me in one session that it just blew me away”!

Bev Walker — Whittington

“Sherry so graciously passed onto me through my reading three accurate names, my father his father and his sister, all uncommon names, two having passed over. I was speechless and felt a large burden released. Sherry gives the most genuine and amazing guidance that you can’t even imagine until you experience it. I left feeling very relaxed and healed”.

Joanne Farey – Hamlyn Heights

“I was amazed with her insight, she was extremely accurate with the details of my life. Then unexpectedly sherry gave me two names of people who had recently passed in a car accident in Geelong, this was in the paper and were my sisters friends. These boys were desperate to pass on messages to their family and we were all amazed at this experience. Besides these messages I enjoyed Sherry’s sincerity warmth and compassion through my reading. Thankyou sherry”

Shannon Bellinger – Queensland

“Sherry was very accurate with her reading. She picked up on things and people that wanted to know about. When reading she picked out the three pieces of my jewellery that my partner had given me and read from them, I also had many other pieces of jewellery on. I will be recommending her to fellow friends and family and will be returning in the future for sure”.

Marcail -Owen Newtown

“Sherry was amazing when she gave me messages from my two brothers in spirit who passed over thirty years ago, she felt them either side of me as guardian Angels and saw a man with hammer and nails. One of my brothers was a builder! She was so helpful in answering questions that I had about my life and my future. Thank you for a great reading”.

Robyn Beecham – Winchelsea

“I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and it made me feel great on all levels. It made me gain a great deal of hope for my future as I was so unsure and felt sad about my future. I have gained so much insight through her reading and she was very accurate in all the information that was given”.

Christine Giles – Grovedale

“In my reading with sherry she has stated information that I know I have not told her. Sherry’s readings are very accurate and informative. I have known sherry for a number of years now and know that she is a caring person who is intelligent articulate and holds genuine passion for her work. With all my reading or healing sessions with her I come away feeling great”.

Samara Talkes – St Albans Park

“Enlightened Sherry provided a unique and wonderful insight into many unknowns in my life. She eased my burdens through her healing ability. I feel so much relief that it is hard to describe. A woman with so much love and a genuine gift”!

Rebecca Ryan – Melbourne

“I was very apprehensive upon going to have a reading. It’s not something I had ever done before but Sherry was incredibly approachable and accurate. She was absolutely amazing with me. She told me that my mother had not only passed but suffered immensely. She gave me my mother’s initial and grandmothers initial also my grandfather whom I had never had the chance to meet. She told me I had 3 children. Sherry told me I would be going on a short trip and I was taking one of my daughters away for the following weekend. She also mentioned my former partner was not a bad person, just not completely honest with me. I wish I had her foresight it would be wonderful. I am getting my life back on track now finally and owe so much to Sherry for her guidance, thank you it has helped me so much”.

Sam – Sydney

“I came in for a reading with Sherry on Thursday just gone and honestly it’s now Sunday and I still can’t believe how different I feel! I came out the reading feeling like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders! Sherry’s reading about my about life was very accurate and about my future was very positive! The main reason for getting the reading was to see if I should continue on the path I am on with my life with a slight change here and there or to change my path completely! Working five days and raising a child on my own is very exhausting and I just needed to hear from someone different that everything I’ve been doing for the past five years will all come together. From my reading with Sherry I can’t even explain what I took from it and how much strength it has given me to keep going because now really feel I am doing the right thing for me and my baby. At the beginning of the reading Sherry mentioned a family member on my mum’s side called Mavis! My Nan’s sister was named Mavis and died at the age of 12 and I’m a ringer of her even though were technically not related as nana was adopted! Thank you Sherry for all your wonderful guidance it’s been amazing”

Ashley Walker – Leopold

Face to Face Readings

Most of the readings Sherry gives are face to face. Sherry loves to guide people and she believes that there is a wonderful sense of healing that comes from having a reading this way. Readings are set in a wonderful atmosphere for healing and guidance and your session will be recorded onto a CD for your convenience. Make sure you take the opportunity to have a face to face reading. Cost $120

Skype Readings

Skype is a wonderful way to connect if you are interstate or overseas! Sherry will conduct the Skype reading in the same manner as she does a face to face and phone reading with her prayers and invocations at the beginning of the reading taking you through a short golden light meditation. This only takes a few minutes then she is straight into your reading. Cost $100 Your readings can be recorded on to a CD and posted out for an extra $10 Skype: happymedium4